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I strongly believe that “a better world is possible but it needs to be deliberately created”. Hence, below are some of the projects that I have undertaken in order to create the better world we all desire.

How To Revive The Dead


In 2023, during my final semester of college,  I independently published this compilation of essays. The project entitled "How To Revive The Dead", explores the idea of loss and its impact on individuals, families and societies.

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The Tears of Other Men


In 2022, I independently published my second book, "The Tears of Other Men". This compilation of essays attempts to create more space for individuals like myself, whose lives occupy intersections. Drawing on my Philosophy and Political Science education in the United States, these personal essays explore experiences relevant to my youth, ideas debated in the present and my hopes for the future. In someways, it is one half of my final undergraduate project with my research thesis being the second part. 

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Inspiring Stories From Amazing People 

Author & Curator 

In 2019, I published my first book with Amazon, "Inspiring Stories From Amazing People", at the age of 16. The book features the personal stories of incredible individuals from all across the globe and it talks about the lessons these people have learned on their journey to outstanding achievements. With over 6 millions books available in the Amazon Kindle Store, when my book was published, it ranked among the top 2000 books in the Self-Help Category, putting it in the top 0.01% of books available. 


Community Healing Fund


In 2020, I co-founded a fund that seeks to provide resources to communities in need, while also mobilizing the communities that we are helping. So far, we've poured funds into the international student community affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, donated urgently needed materials to homeless shelters and provided meals for those experiencing housing instability. We are currently planning our largest event which is a book drive to raise books for incarcerated individuals across 26 prisons in the Midwest area of the United States

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Hope College Philosophy Club


Philosophy has developed into a really important passion of mine and I enjoy sharing that love with other curious individuals. On Hope College's campus, I helped relaunch our Philosophy Club which meets weekly to engage in intellectual conversations. I also helped to raise funds for club activities and have assisted with club events and communications. 

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