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Marvellous is an 18 year old sophomore at Hope College, Michigan, USA. His areas of concentration include Philosophy and Political Science. Marvellous has strong interests in solving problems that confront our common humanity and in networking with public-spirited individuals to deal with development issues. He hopes to be of help through active participation in political and structural reforms, as well as by creating employment opportunities via the entrepreneurship projects he takes on.

Marvellous strongly believes that “a better world is possible but it needs to be deliberately created”. He advocates for social reforms using the leadership positions he holds. In high school, he was elected to serve as the Student Body President and Chairman of the Student’s Parliament. During his tenure, Marvellous worked hard to create a more inclusive school community where its members felt comfortable expressing their opinions respectfully. He pushed for student representatives to be given a seat at management meetings where discussions about the general welfare of the school take place. Marvellous also helped design and execute more effective crowd and noise control strategies for school assemblies which resulted in clearer and less problem ridden communication between staff and students.


Apart from consistently being in the top 6% of his graduating class, Marvellous has participated in numerous competitions including the 2015 International Talent Search by John Hopkins University. He was accepted into the 2017 Yale Young Global Scholars class and the 2017 Columbia University Summer Immersion programs in New York and Barcelona, Spain. He won the third place position in his school’s annual President’s Essay Writing Competition in the year 2015 and won the first place position in both years 2016 and 2018. He also participated in the 2017 Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition where he was awarded bronze in the senior category.


Marvellous is very active in volunteer work. In 2010, he and other members of his middle school, raised money for the victims of a devastating earthquake in Haiti. Consistently, he has participated in and helped to organize his high school’s annual charity car-wash and funfair, which raises money for under privileged children who do not have access to quality education. In 2018, he served as a volunteer at the Young Voices Music Festival and also The Emergence Leadership & Entrepreneurship Conference which held in Lagos, Nigeria. He has served as a Client Services intern at SMARTCAREERS, an educational services organization that specializes in helping youths to access high quality education at a cost their parents can afford.


In 2019, Marvellous published his first book with Amazon, Inspiring Stories From Amazing People, at the age of 16. The book is a collection of stories from Presidents, Youth Activists, Nobel Prize Winners, YouTubers, Leading Academics, & Innovators of Diverse Ages, Professions, Countries and Continents. The contributors shared the lessons they had learned in their career journeys. With over 6 million books in the Amazon Kindle Store, the book has been ranked among the top 2000 in the self-help category, putting it in the top 0.01% of books available.


Currently, Marvellous is working on his next book and hopes to leverage on his global network and undergraduate studies in Psychology and Philosophy to push for changes that empower disadvantaged persons around the world.


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