24 December 2018,

Dear Santa,


I’m sorry this is coming a bit late, but I’ve been extremely busy this year, or at least, I feel I’ve been busy. From preparing for my final year examinations, to juggling leadership responsibilities, to binge watching Stranger Things and leaving xxxtentacion’s “?” album to repeat for the 478th time, it’s been hectic.


I hope that somehow things have been much better with you. Although, I feel that planning to deliver gifts to over 7 billion people in a single night is probably not an easy task. But hopefully, somehow you have found a way to cope with it. After all, you are doing what you love, aren’t you?


Somehow though, I feel that maybe the answer to that question is no. That you have over the years gotten tired of the repetition. Of seeing people who do terrible things all year round switch up in order to make it on your list. Maybe you have gotten tired of people asking for things they feel will make them happy but never actually do. I imagine that you’re tired of all the lists that people send to you, asking for the latest devices and gadgets and toys. I imagine that you have gotten tired of people not remembering to send you gifts. 


It is in fact a question I must ask. Have you ever gotten a gift? Maybe from Mrs. Claus or from one of your elves, but surely, you must have been remembered for all the smiles you bring. Sadly, I feel the answer might be a depressing no. I sense that people only remember you when they need something, which is a trait I am also guilty of. We see your making us happy as your job and we often don't feel the need to make you happy. 


It seems nobody really knows your birthday or preferences.  The only exception is that we know you love to have cookies and milk laid out for you when you come down the chimney. But these cannot really be seen as gifts. In a sense, they are merely incentives for you to come down and fulfill our wishes. Gifts should be given from the heart and not because you expect something in return.


So, I thought I should try to be different this year and not ask for anything. Part of the reason for that, is I’ve realized that we tend to find happiness in moments and not necessarily in things. Hence, when you stop by my house in a couple of hours to drop of the requests of my parents and brother, don’t worry about me. I’m fine and happy.


Also, coming with this letter is a gift for you. It’s not the biggest gift since I don’t work and earn money, but it’s something I know you will cherish.


With Love,